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10th Oct, 2009

dragon age ♥ storybook


12 - d-gray man, fire emblem, star ocean, tales

No, I haven't completely forgotten about this community - I just changed computers, and my new computer lacked Photoshop. Now that that horrid state of affairs has been solved, I can post again! (Though probably only irregularly, because I'm good like that.) Don't ask me to explain darkslayer709's absence. She has no such excuse. :P Anyhow, I have vague plans for a Persona 4 and Merlin centric batch, possibly with a bit of Fate/stay Night if I can ever find the pics I'm looking for. For now, enjoy. ♥

D.Gray-Man - 16
Fire Emblem - 11
Star Ocean 3 - 11
Star Ocean 4 - 14
Tales of Vesperia - 38
Misc - 4 [Angel Sanctuary, Ouran High School Host Club]
TOTAL - 94

you despise me and i love you / it's not much but it's just enough to keepCollapse )

23rd Apr, 2009

[FMA] Al&Greed - Sarcasm



HUZZAH! After being gone for goodness how long I finally come bearing more icons! (That's what she said). I'm fresh from Kitacon and still totally hyped up after meeting Chris Patton (I swear though, the guy was stalking us, it was awesome!)

Anyway! Enough about that. I've been using my newfound energy to create some more icons. Now there is more variation in style than I usually have because I've actually been doing these over a few months, I've just been too lazy to post them and so now I've ended up with an insane amount, LOL.

Over-saturation is my friend <3

OKAY! Time for the countdown!

[24] Devil May Cry
[18] Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
[38] Fullmetal Alchemist (Manga)
[50] Fullmetal Alchemist: Military vs Homunculus OVA
[9] Lost Odyssey

[139] Total

YATTA! ^_^Collapse )</center>

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